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of the environment that we lived in. >> brittany had recently been hosting a handsome young man named joe robbers whom she'd met at a barnes & noble store. >> she was trying to start up some enterprise, and he was going to help her do the commuter work. >> she was a doting land lady. joe got new clothes and a computer. >> joanne, i want you to meet the guy in the hot tub. he's so nice. >> he seemed like he could be my brother, my younger brother. he just seemed like a nice guy and he really wanted to try. >> accepted him as somebody brittany was trying to help and who might help her. >> very charming. i thought he was well-mannered. he thought the girls were real shallow his age. that they wanted to go ut o and have one nightstands. and he didn't want to be involved in relationships like that. he really wanted sincere relationships with women. >> in addition to which, he was, those women could see, a bit of a hotty. and you know how fwosip can be. >> he stayed in the master bedroom? where did she stay. >> she had a room over by the pool, the swimming pool. she liked to listen to the fountain at n
of a microcosm of the passion of the opposition that president obama, vice president biden, joe manchin, pat toomey, are facing? >> reporter: this is a phenomenon you've been seeing across many examples, this convention being one of them. you also saw gun sales spike at many local stores. i was at a gun shop in new hampshire just a few days ago as the senator up there was holding a town hall. they said their sales spiked immensely. the nra says they have also been adding membership, up past four million now, and the attendees here could set a record. >> tell me what you've been hearing from nra officials since you've arrived and what their expectation is for this weekend. is basically the purpose sort of a rallying cry? >> reporter: absolutely. as you saw, the former president said they view this as a war and while they may have won the lobbying battle in congress with this background check vote going down, they see this as a way to get their membership very engaged, fired up. the political speakers that are going to be here later in the day are people that will have some fiery rhetoric. sar
challenges, with the kind of strength and courage that ignites hope and optimism in all of us. joe biden didn't stop there. while serving in the u.s. senate, he dared to venture into what had been traditionally been considered a private family matter. one is near and dear to my heart. judiciary, hee championed lammert legislation known as the violence against women act of 1994. [applause] , my postf his efforts law school career began in 1997 as director of the south carolina attorney general program. when set was number one in the nation for women murder by abuse of harder -- abusive partners, -- joe biden became one of our nation's strongest voices, working across the aisle and across the globe to build and strengthen relationships, protect our citizens, and our fear him -- and our freedom. 's vice president, his ability to connect with and understand the needs of ordinary, everyday people is a quality that is a rare at that level of government. israel.ity it is not the nets are made up. joe biden genuinely cares about people. he always looks for the good in others. fast-forward to unpreced
in the market right now. joe kusik is in the pits of the cme. joe, i want to start with you. we look for trends. we saw individual stocks hit record highs. any trends stand out in your mind? >> no, not right now after the move we had on friday. today we just chopped around. we're looking at price action to find the support and resistance levels. that is what the action told us today. we're just chopping around at these levels on s&p's, right around the 1610 level. i'll tell you this much. just everyone is long in here right now. so it is a very interesting time. lori: strong for the bulls. give me a sense though, joe, what some of the triggers could be in terms of whether we see a strong upside or strong downside? in other words, where do we go next? >> you know what? what is really interesting is watching activity in the bonds. that move last week down two points on the long end of the bond. there is lot of money out there. they will start to flow somewhere. we'll look at equity markets for that money to come in. it, friday's move indicated it was moving. we're watching those bond markets very
successfully is to identify or challenge and get really bright creative minds like joe, and you start working with union square and you discover and help everybody be successful and you find john, who gets this going. you get all of these discoveries like people in the city like john, who has been there year after year operateing the whole convention visitor center and you start to putting things together and more each year things get better and better. when you see success, there is so many examples of our success in working together and cooperating together that you get a whole hotel group of owners together and they are paying for an expansion of the convention center. that's going to make us world class competitors with places because of the size. so they know how to get things done and know that our city is much acknowledging that this is the most important employment center, the tourism center for the city, it continues to be, we have natural beauty but we also have beauty because we all work together to get that great experience going and for this center to be refurbished, technology w
words shouted into his cell phone were we're under attack. we're under attack. joe's client is mark thompson is former marine who is deputy coordinator for counter terrorism at the state department and both hicks and thompson believe the previous investigation done on benghazi by something called the accountability review board was severely lacking. here now attorneys victoria tensing and joe. >> always good to see you. >> always good to see you. >> get right to it. first of all, your response to what jay carney said saying she represents somebody. >> oh, well, i don't know why jay carney is being so dismissive because he has two letters that he had to know about. darrell issa sent two letters and both said would you please clear lawyers so they can hear classified information. so jay carney must not have done thinks homework that day. >> geraldo: tell us who it is exactly you represent and then joe i would like the same question answered from you. victoria, you first. >> i can assure you that i have a client and i can assure you that next week my client will be testifying and thing
company. great show, everyone. see you back here this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> you had mentioned that day -- owners of gun source, that extend the backgrounds checks. i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the halls of her elementary school isn't as important as that. why is that is not something that you can't support? >> erika, certainly let me just say that i'm, obviously, so sorry and for all of us here, no matter what our views are, for what you have been through and i think ultimately when we look at what happened in sandy hook, i understand that is what drove this whole discussion. all of us want to make sure that that doesn't happen again. >> that was senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire being questioned by the daughter of her mother who had had been gunned down by sandy hook. the daughter walked out of room saying, she had had enough." sam stein is with us this morning and columnist for the bloomberg view, al hunt. we talk about that in a minute. obviously very emotional yesterday but, first, sam, you were at the white house ye
camp any more. if you go to niagara falls do the foot bridge. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> welcome to "morning joe." it's 6:00 on the east coast. a live look at beautiful new york city. the sun coming up. time to wake up. good morning, thursday, may 2nd. with us on the set we have national affairs editor for new york magazine john heilemann. you want to watch your face? >> a company in boston called gillette. have you ever heard of them? >> come in here and it starts out of the chute. >> i think he is thigpen. >> you know what today is? happy birthday, mika! >> happy birthday, mika! >> yea, yea! >> it's a good day. >> i'm 46! >> 36. >> no, 46. >> 46. >> mika? >> 46. >> you're still getting carded. that is like when i was little that seemed to be really old but that is okay. it feels pretty good. looks pretty good too. mike barnicle is here as well. msnbc contributor. so, willie, doing okay? we got pat toomey saying of his republican colleagues what i was afraid to say when this gun vote went down. i kind of felt it and i thought this is going to sound so partisan an
the favorite for 2016 with 65% of the party's support. joe biden is a very distant second. no one else even cracks 5%. is this a done deal or could there be some dark horse candidate out there we're not paying attention to? >> obviously, we're still years away from the 2016 presidential campaign, but one thing is evident and that's the former secretary of state has unparalleled support. 65% in the latest poll. what's interesting though if she were to run, joe biden skyrockets to the top of the poll and would garner 45% of the democratic support. so this far out, it looks like it's between hillary clinton and vice president joe biden. >> we know biden is hoping for. clinton has been pretty coy about whether or not she'll even run. what signs has she given us either way? >> she's hitting the speaking circuit. she's made several high profile speeches. she's just inked a book deal. i think in the coming months really and also years she's going to be continuing to weigh in on issues of the day. we saw this with the same-sex marriage announcement with her endorsement of same-sex marriage. so as w
, the nordstrom cafe in stonestown? if you or anyone you know has recently, joe vazquez tells you, you better call the doctor. joe. >> reporter: they say it was a line cook, a food handler here at the nordstrom cafe that contracted typhoid fever and now they are worried about customers. it's business as usual at nordstrom cafe. despite the health alert for typhoid fever. highly contagious disease. >> most people become mildly to moderately ill. there's a certain small percentage that become very ill. so, even though each individual person is not likely to get very sick, we do want to make sure they get diagnosed and treated. >> symptoms include high fever, stomach pains, nausea and rashes. if you have those symptoms, call nordstrom. they will pay for your testing. >> i never heard of it. >> i've never heard of it. >> i don't want it. it was big in the turn of the 20th century. >> don't they have vaccines? >> yes, they do have vaccines. it's unclear if the worker here got his shots. it's likely he contracted ty for identification fever while he was sick. >> it's of concern. what's concerni
kansas city boy living with a life-threatening form of cancer, all five-year-old joe joe wanted to do is become a farmer. that's been tough, though. he spent the last four months undergoing chemo, and radiation, after being diagnosis wed neuroblastoma. volunteers whisked him and his family to the country this week, thanks to make-a-wish foundation. >> the community has no idea who you are because they fell in love with a little child's dream. roll out the red carpet, and welcome us in like they've known us all our lives. >> ama: young joe joe got a hero's welcome. he says he can't wait to come back again some day. good for him for getting to do that. >> let's get to leigh glaser, who is checking the weather which is changing. >> leigh: we can already see the changes. live doppler 7hd right now picking up that -- a wall of fog and low clouds already moving inland towards the golden gate and into the bay. this is definitely going to cool us down. the next 24 hours or so. also, seeing some moisture wrapping from the sierra back towards the west. up towards the clear lake area. some of th
with a life-threatening form of cancer, all five-year-old joe joe wanted to do is become a farmer. that's been tough, though. he spent the last four months undergoing chemo, and radiation, after being diagnosis wed neuroblastoma. volunteers whisked him and his family to the country this week, thanks to make-a-wish foundation. >> the community has no idea who you are because they fell in love with a little child's dream. roll out the red carpet, and welcome us in like they've known us all our lives. >> ama: young joe joe got a hero's welcome. he says he can't wait to come back again some day. good for him for getting to do that. >> let's get to leigh glaser, who is checking the weather which is changing. >> leigh: we can already see the changes. live doppler 7hd right now picking up that -- a wall of fog and low clouds already moving inland towards the golden gate and into the bay. this is definitely going to cool us down. the next 24 hours or so. also, seeing some moisture wrapping from the sierra back towards the west. up towards the clear lake area. some of the higher elevations reporting a
from omaha this morning. joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin are back at headquarters on the east coast. we have the man of the morning with us, warren buffett. obviously, we have a lot to talk about with him including stocks, records, runs, the fed, bonds, the dollar and his deal for heinz. but first, before we get to all of that, joe and andrew have a wrap-up of the morning's top headlines and, guys, i'll send it over to you. >> okay. good morning. hi. >> hello, good morning. >> hi, warren. >> hi. >> i keep hearing you talk about me, warren. no one knows what the heck you said. so i don't know, it's like -- it's like one of the answers you give to a lot of questions. >> no. i was sitting right next to him and i heard him mention your name, too, and i'm not entirely sure -- >> nobody knows. >> he said what did he is and i said, i'm not sure and i actually said to becky, what did he say? >> he said something about him. >> it was nice, i think. >> it was nice, it was a question about something you're always bringing up and it's not net jet. >> see my lawyer. >> that was a long time ago.
. >> reporter: senator joe mansion plans once again to get the background legislation passed. but the nra outgoing president david keen expressed expressed skepticism. >> reporter: if it comes back we are prepared to make our arguments we have the first time. >> reporter: the proposal has support from the american public poll this week found 88% of those surveyed favor background checks with just 11 pors posed. for cbs this morning, saturday an fa warner houston. >> so where does all this leave the president's vow to push for kun gun control in the wake of the newtown massacre? what about the rest of the white house agenda? let's talk it over with john dickerson who is in our washington bureau. good morning, john. >> good morning, anthony. >>> to start with the president has put joe biden back on the offensive on the gun control case. how effective is the strategy do you think? >> well the real question on gun control is what's going to happen in the senate and so joe biden in the first round of this and anything he does further to kind of raise kind of aware
television for "the young turks," and joe williams is a political reporter and commentate interior d.c. you all know him let's keep it real on that front. so, let me start with you joe. how culpable are thee guys? would it have made a bigger difference if they would have participated ahead of time? and is it just as bad participating afterwards? what is your thought. >> this is another thread for fbi investigators to unravel. who doesn't remember what it's like to be a knuckle head 22-year-old guy your friend is in trouble. he comes to you and you want to help him out. but these guys have entered a world of trouble as you mentioned, and this is when the fbi will lean on them for information that they may note. if they had help before the tract, or if they had gone to the authorities there might be more information of how this plot got started. who dzhokhar tsarnaev had been talking to ahead of time. were there any signals or signs head that have. now they're going to get that information, but it's going to be under duress and probably in exchange for leniency, they would hope f the fbi. the
and the managing editor joe drinell. >> good to see you. >> start with you. first, let's go to the july 4 revelation. that that was really their target date. they moved up the timing of the attack. because they, i guess they were efficient putting together the bomb. potentially a lot more people could have died on july 4 if they carried it out that way. >> definitely. at the hat show, that the open empathy on the river. hundreds of thousands of people. packed together. its just chilling to hear that. chilling. boston marathons, tens of thousand of people packed together at the finish line on boylston street. this is cowardly, deadly and developing every day. >> michael move on to the wife of the dead suspect. working long hours as nurse's aide while he stayed home to take care of the baby and build bombs. baby in one room, bomb in another room. and yet we don't know what she said to the authorities. whether she has cooperated that much with authorities. very it will is known about that. >> keep in mind, they were on the dole. getting benefit and she was getting stunt benefits. tons of mon
she can't live without. and a first time guest. he is comedian joe list. he is not a man. nothing more than a maniac. bill schulz, some people call him a terrorist, and he considers himself a teacher. and next to me, former new mexico governor gary johnson. he builds neat stuff and has a great girl. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. welcome to the worst day of your miserable life, america. >> thanks, a lot. it was meant to be fun, but offended everyone. the student council at an arizona high school had a red neck day and encouraged everyone to dress the part leading up to the big year-end dance. it was supposed to be like the show "duck. >>> nasty" but -- "duck dye dynasty" but some were not amused. he wore a confederate flag which said the confederacy represents the institute of slavery and that is a direct attack on african-americans. and then there is a matter of offending the appalachian american population overall as a woman from the southern poverty law center noted some of the students traced their roots to the south and quote maybe they don't feel so great about bei
the nordstrom cafe at stonestown in san francisco? well, if you or anyone you know has recently, joe vasquez says you better call a doctor. joe. >> ken, health officials say it was a line cook, a food handler here at the nordstrom cafe who contacted typhoid fever and as such they've put out an advisory to alert past customers. >> it's business as usual at the nordstrom cafe downstairs at the galleria despite the health alert for typhoid fever, an extremely rare but highly contagious disease. >> most people just become mildly to moderately ill, but there is a certain small percentage of people who go onto become very ill, and there have been cases of deaths reported from this so even though each individual person is not likely to get very very sick, we do want to make sure they get diagnosed and treated if they develop any symptoms. >> symptoms include high fever, stimpains, nausea and rashes. if you ate here during these dates over the last couple of weeks and have those symptoms, call nordstrom. they say they will pay for your testing. >> i've never heard of it. >> how scary, though. i don'
flying everywhere. traffic was a mess most of the day. joe vasquez shows us what went wrong. joe. >> liz, it's the golden gate bridge, and even when they're just paving over a slight dip in the road here, hey, they've got to get fancy, and overnight, maybe a little too much so. >> work crews are repairing roads. it ievens the case that they do one lane at a time, and as such, they'll leave it sharply uneven. you've been there before. you're just driving along and then you change lanes and it feels like you're falling off a cliff. well, if you were in marin coming into the city on the golden gate bridge this morning you saw something different. >> being the golden gate bridge we had a nice smooth taper, but the taper didn't hold up. >> what closely, and you could see the taper. work crews tried to make those cliffs a little rounder and less sharm, but as people changed lanes, they drove over the tapers and then the asphalt began to crumble. >> the unravelling asphalt was in chunks and, you know, it was -- it was flipping up and, you know, dinging windshields. it was a hazard. >> so they h
, mika. all right, great show, everyone, "morning joe" starts right now. >>> hey, good morning, it's tuesday, may 7th. welcome to "morning joe" on a beautiful, beautiful day. what a beautiful may day. . >> gorgeous. >> with us onset, we've got mike barnicle, political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman harold ford jr. and "fortune" magazine's assistant editor. we've got so much to talk about. i was really surprised at the last segment on "way too early" talking about chris christie undergoing an operation. chris text us to let us know this story was true or not. >>> also, a lot of other things going on. today, we'll be seeing what the biggest companies in america are. >> we are. >> fortune 500, see who's going up, going down. also, benghazi, this story will not go away. >> yeah. >> we have new testimony that has come out talking about the military actually trying to get over to benghazi while the riots were going on. >> last-minute changes. >> being told to stand down. don't go over there. and i'll tell you, the people that wanted to get over to be
. good morning. >> what in the world? >> the jokes are going to stop, joe. >> yeah, they will never stop. but it's news. you talk to brian williams. it's wednesday, may 8th. good morning. with us is mike barnicle and jon meacham and tv's own willie geist. >> special every day for the last six years. >> today is a special day. >> extra special. >> because it's special. >> yes. >> he is here today. >> any way a lot to talk about. mark sanford wins. >> yeah. ? is your mike off or somebody creeping behind you for no reason? >> no. >> all right. >> people just usually come up like a petting zoo. then they go home. >> that is what she said. >> a lot to talk about today. mark sanford wins. in the end it wasn't even close on capitol hill today. ben ghazi hearings go. the "the washington post" reporting that the focus now has turned directly to hillary clinton. a lot of democrats are trying to undo her for 2016 already and bill clinton saying let's stop talking about 2016. i think he is recognizing making her too big of a target. you have wiretapping? >> i do. >> easier for the feds to wiretap us
they are not doing cake today because i probably would be next because of the pecking order. "morning joe" starts right now. >> federal authorities have arrested three acom polices of alleged boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the acom polices are two kazakhstan's? jihad and katy perry and oz? hazmat tasmanian tie yak. damn you terrorists with your weapononized constanants! >> good morning. it is friday, may 3rd. that would be willie's birthday. happy birthday, wherever you are. we have with us on the set sam stein in new york. "morning joe" economic analyst steve rattner joins us. and donny deutsche is here. >> can i get a "morning joe" economic analyst? >> what would your title be, donny? cheeseball? >> executive cheeseball. >> thank you. executive cheeseball would be good. >> a blarney stone was pounding me down. >> i think he is 30. >> it's terrible. >> that is depressing. it's how you feel, not your chronological age. >> then it's over for me because i'm not feeling really good, rattner. first of all, coming up we will talk about the unemployment report is coming out in two and a half hours bu
york town. these aren't gangs this morning. it's snowcone joe, who could be frozen out of the market. >>> first, a couple speaks out about their custody nightmare. the frightening video was officials take the baby right out of their arms. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. do not take lunesta if you are allergic to anything in it. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side
passengers. there were nine the night of the fire. kpix5's joe vasquez shows us what the victims were up against. joe. >> liz, we're here at transportation. i want to make it clear. this is a different company than the one involved saturday night. the folks here said this sort of incident is extremely rare. i have heard of deaths by fire in a stretch limousine, but usually only involving a collision accident. >> butch has been drivingly moes for 43 years. >> i have never heard of one develop into a fire ball. this is considered the five door limousine. >> he let us inside a lincoln town car, similar to the one that burst into flames. we could see the passenger's perspective. a lot of people are wondering, why didn't they go out the rear doors. as you can see, the rear doors are in the very far back of the limo. it appears the fire was concentrated in this area. secondly, when you try to open one of those doors, they are child locked by the driver so no one can accidentally open it and fall out. as the fire began to rage, the passengers yelled to the driver, but he now says he misunde
is at the bridge with more on what went wrong. joe. >> you can't quite see that section from here, but it's that way toward marin. you know, what went wrong? they were doing this pavement project overnight and they got a little too fancy. >> when work crews are repairing roads, it's often the case they do one lane at a time and as such, they'll leave it sharply uneven. you have been there before. you are just driving along and you change lanes and it feels like you're falling off a cliff. if you were in marin coming into the city this morning, you saw something different. >> we had to have a nice smooth paper, but the paper didn't hold up. >> watch closely and you can see it. work crews tried to make cliffs rounder and less sharp, but as people change lanes, they drove over the tapers and the asphalt began to crumble. >> the unraveling was in chunks and it was flipping up and stinging windshields. >> they had to stop traffic, then do roadwork during the day. the majority of it will continue into the overnight hours. and we're back live. traffic is moving smoothly. they are hoping to
, the senator from pennsylvania, did a yeoman's job >> jon: he and joe manchin got a compromise bill. >> really the american people are for background checks. they are >> jon: like 90%. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: right but he has come out and said, if that dictate had not gone out from senator mcconnell, more of his colleagues would have voted for it. some of them believe in background checks but they didn't want to give obama a victory. and hassles said if the n.r.a. didn't score it, they would have had 70 votes instead of 54. >> well, the latter thing that you have said is probably more a reason. i don't think mitch mcconnell put out a dictate of how you should vote on this. i think it was... >> jon: hasn't that book come out though mcconnell, you guys were at a retreat. i think you were still in the senate. you were probably there and he said we're not going to cooperate with this administration. we're not going to give them any bipartisan victory. even a senator went on record at that meeting at the library of congress. you guys were in the basement of the library of congress. >> i don
is with us, and joe trip by. as i check off all of these, patrick buchanan, i don't see a lot of success here or potential for success. your reaction? >> i was going to tick off about four out of those five that you did, and i would add immigration. i think after boston i think the president is going to get some border security. i think amnesty is dead when you are going to give that 12 million people. included in them are folks like the tsarnaevs. i don't think he will get that. unfortunately for our country iraq seems to be coming apart, the syrian war is disintegrating, and iran situation is not hopeful. the country has problems. this president is facing basically what he must see as a stacked deck. i don't see what he gets between now and november of 2014. brother trippi and i were talking about that in the greenroom. >> the gun legislation, didn't happen. and with the president we have zero chance of the global warming agenda? do you agree with that. >> no. i don't agree with you on the gun control. >> what happened then? >> no, he didn't get anything, but it wasn't just democrats. repub
from omaha, nebraska, the site of this weekend's berkshire hathaway meeting. joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin are back in headquarters on the east coast. this is the central link center and right now it's empty and it's dark. but if you can get a grand scope for this area, right now we're sitting on stage. this is where warren buffett and charlie munger will be sitting on stage in front of 40,000 shareholders. this is a massive arena. this place will be packed to the primary tomorrow. it's the expectation. it's what's happened the last several years. this is a really big deal. i know this is officially starting tomorrow. but guys, i want to tept you, the hotel res already crowded. the airports are very crowded. the flight was full yesterday. there's the festivities that have begun every year. warren buffett goes on thursday night and plays bridge with his bridge club. he goes and plays with carol loomus of "fortune." we caught up with him last night. last night when we caught up with him, we got to talk about everything from jobs to jpmorgan, ibm and even twitter. buffett sent his
franchise, joe, it's one of the best known. they are huge, huge asian sales. asian supporters. and we'll pull up the board for you. they partially floated this company in august of last year. alex ferguson has been the driver of success for this business in the last 20 odd years he's been in charge. in that time what he's achieved is 38 trophies in total. he won two champions leagues and around 13 division 1 league titles as well. hugely influential. the godfather of football managers if you like. the fact he's stepping down is material to the business as well. he's leaving it in a fairly good shape. that's really why everyone is talking about it. and of course they are speculating about who might take over as well. joe? >> that's him? all right. i just wonder how many -- there were goals scored while he was in charge. there were a few games that weren't 0-0? >> there were a few, yeah. there were a few. >> it's like watching baseball that's boring enough but watching baseball where there are no-hitters pitched just about every game. i don't know. we're trying to catch on over here. we
, snowcone joe versus mr. dingaling in smalltown, usa, the cut throat world of ice cream exposed. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin this thursday with new suspects who are now in custody in connection to the boston marathon bombing. >> sources tell us the fbi had been suspicious of the three young men since the day of the massive manhunt and now they're in big trouble. >> abc's devin dwyer following the case and joins us now from washington. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning. the same night authorities cornered dzhokhar tsarnaev in the backyard boat, the fbi says his college buddies were busy trying to do him a favor. these friends of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are charged with helping to cover up the attack. the fbi says the 19-year-old college students took and then disposed of key evidence from tsarnaev's university dorm room on the night of the manhunt. >> they were like normal students. they used to have lots of fun on campus, social and go to a lot of parties. >> reporter: azamat tazhayakov and dias kadrybayev recognized him in the surveillance photos. one of t
republican concerns about the process. >> only so much time we get with you on a friday. ted cruz, joe biden both in south carolina. any chance that's your 2016 matchup? >> probably not, peter. one thing, we're off and running. we have our 2016 caps on right now. >> you have clinton and christie, as well, doing a little dance. >> next month. >>> still to come, the white house's take on the brand-new job numbers and also new details from the surviving suspect of the boston bombing. the marathon was apparently not their original target for last month's terror attack. we'll talk to philadelphia mayor michael nutter on what he is doing to keep his city safe. >>> first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. department of agriculture just shy of noon. nra 70,000 expected kicks off at 1:00 p.m. you are watching "daily rundown" on msnb krp. have you eaten today? i had some lebanese food for lunch. i love the lebanese. i... i'm not sure. enough of the formalities... lets get started shall we? jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dracula volunteer
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be came a cold war. details on the frosty fight between mr. dingaling versus snowcone joe. it's thursday, may 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> mr. dingaling versus snowcone joe. a battle. >> nearly impossible to say that on tell veevision without crack. >> pretty much. we are at day four, we look to say. almost friday eve. >> it is friday eve. >> everybody. >> we are excited. when friday eve hits, smooth sailing into the weekend. >> your real friday. you are off tomorrow. >> i sure am. >> should we get to it. >> get to it. serious stuff. >> the latest on the boston bombing investigation. >> the men are charged with helping tsarnaev get rid of evidence. here is chief correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: the fbi has been suspicious of the friend when swat teams raided campus and two were take known custody on immigration charges. the two both from kazakhstan, had traveled with dzhokhar tsarnaev to new york last year proudly posing. the third person, charged, robel phillipos had been a friend since high school. the fbi says dz
. >>> did we have a 2016 preview in south carolina last night? why was it vice president joe biden versus texas senator ted cruz in the palmetto state? we will take a look. >>> and do democrats have a chance to win a seat in south carolina? district that went to mitt romney by 18 points in 2012. find out, next. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> political headlines on this saturday, the president returned to the white house today from costa rica after wrapping up his latin amer
game four or five. great show, everyone. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> the governor our good friend rick perry. >> not bad! ♪ >> that's a good one. good morning. it's monday, may 6th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have got msnbc contributor mike barnicle. msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halpern. willie, did you see that rick perry clip? >> no. mika that wasn't "snl." that actually happened. that was real. >> no. >> uh-huh. >> what actor was from that "snl"? >> that was rick perry. >> governor of texas. >> your friend. >> what was he doing on "snl"? >> that wasn't "snl," mika. that was real. >> yes. yeah. >> you should show that on a loop for three hours. >> that and the guy who says go to america to buy guns. why don't we show the nra youth festival as well. we will get to the nra convention a little bit later. kind of wish it was an "snl" clip, i have to tell you. >> it wasn't. >> that's funny but not that funny. the only thing that kind of makes it's funny is rick perry tends to be funny but it's not. >>> we will start with syria thi
governor ed rendell and sirius xm radio host joe madison. we've yet to hear back from the nra but we did get a statement from the people who sold to this zombie target. they told us, quote, to discriminate against african-americans by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain racist. any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. we are sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products. joe, i've got to ask you about this display at the convention. >> well, they are sorry. they are a sorry bunch of people that i can't use words for but i do take offense and i think anyone else would take offense at this. this is beyond the pale. this is lower than a snake's belly. let me tell you something, it even goes back to today on our show, a talk show personality that, listen to this, said he wants 10,000 people to rsvp to bring loaded rifles to washington, d.c., on the fourth of july when they are as a protest, as of a civil disobedience and i swear i will be there on that bridge by myself if i have to. look, i am sa
good. look pretty good. >> rick: well over 20,000 fans in the joe. and samuelsson behind the net. and zetterberg, hung on the post, covers the puck. of zone. >> rick: hiller, shutout streak broken off tied at 1-1. tieded at 2-2 in overtime. and getzlaf, and ericsson, shoved by zetterberg. and stunned by that. but can't hold the pass. and locking to drive datsyuk and a piece of it back to çdetroit. and datsyuk in front. and cut wide and gets it loose to getzlaf. and they play that one carefully. bertuzzi, back down the nice. >> eddie: two big hits, one by beauchemin. >> rick: lines it up. the puck taken in the pocket by eaves, in wide. got to it. he's on the puck now. and behind the net, time to go after it, the winds are changing, fowler, etem, couldn't get it down the ice, fowler has it once again. turns away from brunner. etem to center and play. >> eddie: a cut on the right side of the face of çbeauchemi. datsyuk on beauchemin. no way to really protect themselves. and francois, tries to take a run, at pavel datsyuk, gets a piece of him low, pavel ducks at the last second.
started to be the second coldest on record. so, they were confused, so is meteorologist joe, who is not buying it, joe, what do you make of this. >> well, my wife wants me to remind everybody. it's global warming, they keep shifting what they are saying, it was global warming, that was causing this, then to climate changing, and climate disruption. neil: you can always win with climate change. it changes of day, like finding a nicer word for fat,. but my point is you could put any word you want on it but it is still wrong. >> right. you hit on the head, i feel bad for add gore, he should call me to plan his evens better so he does not show up when record breaking cold comes in this is coldest late season air mass, people say joe you are cherry picking, the orchard on so ripe. we could go on for hours, co2 continues to rise, but global temperature has leveled off, we see how bad computer models have been we were living in a world of virtual reality, they bought models, and assign warming that was occurring naturally from warming of oceans to co2 is it leveling enough, and dr. ryan
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